Drake done barked up the wrong Shady Tree and by Shady I mean SLIM SHADY!

I generally don’t concern myself with rap battles and things of that nature. Actually the last one I think I entertained was when Aubrey ate Mickey and Minnie Mouse for breakfast, brunch, lunch, liner and dinner! (Aubrey being Drake and Mickey and Minnie being Meek and Nicki) But Drake lemme just give you a little advice…. Eminem is NOT WHAT YOU WANT!!!

So Ebro is on his Wendy honey and spilling tea about his personal conversation with Drake where he referenced Eminem. Now Imma play you the clip and then we’ll talk after ok! Get into it!

So……. Drake now Ebro done started this mess but he only started it because you didn’t tell him don’t say nothing so in radio that means it’s ok for me to say what we talked about. It’s like telling ya best Judy a secret and saying either at the beginning or the end, “between me and you” or “don’t tell nobody yet” but you didn’t say those things so now I hope whatever you got is GOOD cause Eminem aint no sugar cookie. THAT’S AN OL GINGER SNAP!

Now you might have ended Mickey but I highly doubt, matter fact fuck it, I KNOW you aint got what it takes to battle with Em! You just don’t. Meek was an easy target. He didn’t have much talent in the first place but Slim Shady not only has the talent but everything in him is authentic battle rapper. HE IS GONNA EAT YOU! And I can’t wait to watch!!! Let me know who you voting for, yall can see who I’m putting my money on. And as always….

I love you for reading


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