NEW MUSIC: Momma Dee “In That Order”

Now you know what, its 4 AM and my lover won’t answer so I decided to come and kiki with yall about this foolishness that is Mama Dee new hit single, “IN THAT ORDER!” We should’ve saw this coming when she said she was gone be making an album. It wouldn’t be long before the catch phrase that she made popular became a song. AND THERE’S A VIDEO! Check it out below and then we’ll kiki!

IS YOU STILL ALIVE cause when I say I fell dead to the bed laughing watching this video? Here’s the gag. I love and I mean LOVE Mama Dee. Some people think she’s extra extra read all about it but I live for an old over the top ass character. And this video is just that EXTRA! Can we please talk about these dances ok…wait before we go there, “ORDER ME SOME WINGS AND SOME FRIES, AND BITCH DON’T FORGET MY BOTTLE IN THAT ORDER!” (I fucking love her)

Girl she was tootsie rolling and shit and just dancing her little 53 year old soul away! She brought in some real dancers too ok honey cause they was giving me BOOM KACKS for real. *BTW am I the only one who wants an “in that order” t shirt…*

No Mama Dee is not a rapper but she did bring on one-time rap superstar Yung Joc to play along and I guess he was a cute little edition to the song and video. I wouldn’t have missed him if he hadn’t showed up. Shit all I needed was Mama, my chicken wings, and fries! I appreciate that she doesn’t take herself too seriously and she’s just giving life with no parole. I love her struggle dancing and the elementary yet oh so catch lyrics! I tell you what, I’ll be singing it all night while I wait for my lover to answer.

Anyway so what yall think about Mama Dee’s new video for “IN THAT ORDER” leave us a comment and as always.

I love you for reading!


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