Keshia Knight-Pulliam smacked DOWN with divorce by Ed Hartwell less than a week after announcing pregnancy!

I wasn’t even gonna discuss Rudy and this situation cause shit I didn’t care but then I had to remember who she was engaged to and then my mind was like OH HELL NAW! So shit I forget her real name cause I’m so caught up calling her Rudy, ummmm Keshia Knight-Pulliam that’s it, is going THROUGH right now. So apparently she revealed that two weeks ago she was having a baby with her husband Ed Hartwell, you know Lisa Wu ex-husband. Anyway so less than a week after announcing that she’s having a little baby girl, Ed smacks her ass with divorce papers!

Now I don’t know what the hell went down behind the walls of that house but what I will tell you is this, I know what Ed’s was during his time on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Now back in season one of RHOA, something struck me weird about that man and I aint trusted him sense. I mean Lisa was cute or whatever but he just seemed really…. you ever just feel awkward with somebody…like through the TV ok! He made me feel like this fool just aint right. Kinda like Apollo. I always said Apollo was gone be a road lizard and look he went straight left, passed go to the funny farm and now he spending his nights alone in Camp Cupcake! Anyway back to the mess!

So Keshia was basically blind sighted allegedly by the divorce. She said nothing seemed out of place or wrong then she gets a call saying, “yea girl I filled for divorce. I’m coming to get my stuff have a good life!” Which leads me to believe there was something stale in Denmark prior to this entire fill-atition. She says that he was unfaithful and he says the same about her in regards to her unborn baby when he demanded a paternity test. That’s a man’s way of saying, “you probably were cheating so I need to know!”

Rudy honey, had you stayed with Tigger you wouldn’t be going through all this. I feel like they were a good couple and as far as I know Keshia girl, he still single so maybe yall can rekindle. None the less get off my TV with these tears, you don’t need that ninja anyway. OH AND LEMME TELL YOU SOMETHING LISA WU! DON’T BE THROWING NO SHADE CAUSE YOU MAY OR MAY NOT WANT YA EX HUSBAND BACK! She did an interview and in so many words said that Keshia was doing this all for publicity. LISA GURL SHE AINT GOT NOTHING GOING RIGHT NOW! WHAT SHE NEED PUBLICITY FOR! Have a seat Ms. Wu don’t make me pull you Hollywood Diva card cause I will honey!

Let us know what yall think about this entire messy ass situation. And as always…

I love you for reading


Get into the interview she did with ET below where she discusses the bullshit for the first and last time.


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