Crazy road lizard attempts to set fire to Phaedra Parks ASS and her law office!

Work aint honest but it pays the bills needs to be Phaedra Parks new slogan for her law office cause girl I’m convinced you done fucked over the wrong fool this time. I’m sitting at work minding my own business and all at once my #RHOA notifications start blowing the hell up! So I’m like what the hell I aint gotta see these heifers again till September, so what they possibly got going on. Then they had said somebody done took a bomb down to Phaedra law office and was bout to set fire to the motha fucking rain! So her go the details.

The man is allegedly a psycho ass fan of Phaedra and he was coming to see bout her but she too busy tootsie rolling at the DNC in Philly so her ass wasn’t even in Atlanta! But get this, the crazy fool had the wrong building but when he approached workers and said, “he was looking for Phaedra Parks, and I have a bomb”, BITCH ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE! THEY SHUT PEACHTREE DOWN!!! Mother fuckas was getting evacuated and the bomb squad was ready to fuck a nigga up! Now get yo cups cause here’s the tea.

Allegedly the culprit is the rapper Drama…yea you may not remember that name but bitch if I play you this song you gone be like “OH SHIT THAT WAS MY JAM BACK IN THE 90’S”!

So did Phaedra do some shady business for him and he had it up to here with her bullshit and said fuck this imam blow this bitch up. And if that theory aint true…Apollo might got something to do with this. You know that ninja crazy as a road lizard so I put NOTHING Past that fool!

Anywho I guess I better start getting my legal advice from Freidman, Domiono and Smith cause Phaedra days of parking lot payments might be coming to an end. What ya’ll think, leave a comment below and as always,

I love you for reading!



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