Rita Ora to host 23 Season of America’s Next Top Model…..yea I’m wondering too!!!

Now I don’t want this to be a shady post but I just wanna say what I gotta say and walk the hell away! So remember how they had cancelled America’s Next Model a few months back. Yea so apparently as of today, Rita Ora has announced that she will be the new host of the hit show?! Now lemme tell you what. I know one Rita Ora song and quite frankly that aint even her song, it’s Iggy Azalea’s. Furthermore, what the hell qualifies her to judge a modeling completion let alone ANTM. Now before somebody cusses my ass the hell out lemme defend my case.

Tyra Banks is a legend in the modeling industry. Rita is a…. well alleged “Becky with the good hair.” I took the liberty of doing a quick google search of sister-girl and I saw not a mention of modeling, experience, hell even a retail job folding shirts at the Walmart to her credit! So I wanna know what lead Tyra to say, “I WANT HER!” and more importantly who the hell were the other options!

Now while Tyra is somewhere running a camera doing executive producing there are some others on the panel from the fashion industry that I’ve never heard of. But that’s because fashion isn’t my lane but I do know Ashley Graham. She’s the “plus sized” model who broke the internet on the cover of sports illustrator. If you ask me she aint plus size but she’s at least a model. Why the hell couldn’t she host the show!

Now that’s she got the job aint no point in me putting up my picket sign cause I probably aint gone watch the shit anyway so I’ll just say congratulations Rita and maybe you can pull ratings that could save the show. (I doubt it but maybe someone thinks so) WHO ARE ME TO JUDGE!



So i found some experience for Ms.Ora courtesy some of her “super fans” (that i didn’t even know she had). Apparently she has an endorsement deal with Adidas so they call her a “designer!” So i’m a designer too and hell you reading this can be one too. Slap your name on some shit and be a designer with me and Rita Ora! LMFAO ok im done!


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