Joanne Prada….i mean Melania Trump plagiarizes Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech at yesterdays RNC!

This must be “expose-a-hoe” week! Kim got Taylor yesterday and now I’m waking up today and the world done got Melania Trump! Now yall know politics aint something we normally discuss here but shade is and SHADE to my Auntie Michelle Obama will be addressed OK! OLIVIA POPE PLEASE STEP IN AT ANYTIME TO HELP THIS POOR LADY!

As a native Clevelander I am staying the hell away from downtown because of that RHC or RNC or LMNOP whatever the situation you know the men with the ten gallon hats convention is going on and I don’t wanna be nowhere around! It security on every corner, helicopters hell you would think they shooting another movie downtown! But anyway back to the tea.

So last night was the first night of this convention situation and Melania Trump gave a speech that made the world say, “hmmmmm this sounds familiar?” So someone dug up a speech Michelle Obama gave back in 2008 at the Democrat National Convention. Take a look at this side by side video of both speeches and then we’ll talk some more.


Ok so I went into the card catalog and pulled Melania card. Girl! Now you know damn well you wasn’t about to get away with this shit! Now she’s swirly, like shes from Slovenia! Her English is fair and she became a citizen of the US back in 2006 so that was 2 years before Michelle gave this speech. So you figured, “oh that was 8 years ago no one will notice!” I don’t know about the education system over in Slovenia but lemme tell you something honey, THEY WILL KICK YO OUT OF COLLEGE FOR PLAGARISM HERE IM AMERICA! And as shady as social media is now days, how did you ever think you was gone get away with this.

So luckily for you the news cycle generally dies in 7 days so you only got 6 more days to be the butt of the joke. Next time you give a speech, go to a local university and have a professor run it through that system they tell us students they have to make sure we aint plagiarizing shit! LMFAO

I love you for reading!!!



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