Gaga and Taylor are OVER!!!!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!Now you know what, I’m no expert in relationships because I don’t believe in them at my age but I have had my share of foolishness so to say I didn’t see this coming would be a lie. Lady Gaga and Taylor have finally called it quits after 5 years of dating and what like a year of engagement! Ok maybe I exaggerate but they have been engaged forever! And after a certain time of engagement-ness I tend to believe something is stale in Denmark!

So there were rumors swirling a couple of months ago that Taylor was feeling some pressure because he was living the “Gaga” shadow. AN YOU KNOW WHAT SIDE BAR! This goes for Taylor and Calvin with Taylor Swift, stop using that as an excuse. Just say you don’t wanna be with the mofos anymore! These women were larger than life before you got with their asses so why did you think they were gonna stop slaying or being who they are just because they got with you! This is why I don’t fuck with people. Anyway!

So there’s no word who called it off but if you ask me it was probably Taylor. Gaga is such a hopeless romantic that I believe she tried EVERYTHING to make the situation work and Taylor just couldn’t wait any longer. There were also some rumors swirling that Gaga wedding plans were…. well Gaga! You should understand what that means. Unicorns and rainbows and shit that only happens in your imagination are allegedly what she wanted in the wedding.

Any who well Gaga is single and I know her new album is gonna be FIRE! I always tell yall artist make the best albums after somebody dies, a breakup, or they get married. So I’ll be looking forward to this new album along with Taylor Swift. Maybe now they can come together to make a smash single! ILL BUY!

I love you for reading!!!



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