Auntie Wendy Williams in hot water over HBCU and NAACP comments

Ya’ll know I have to report the tea in whatever form it’s served right. As bias as I am in this situation, what makes me good at what I do is, I don’t discriminate with the tea. If you wrong imam say it, if you right imam say it and auntie Wendy in this case, you dead ass wrong!

If you have been in the dark about what’s been going on lately over at the Wendy Show, she made some very offensive statements in regards to HBCU and the NAACP. In her “Hot Topic” segment she was discussing Jesse Williams BET Awards speech, when she randomly (which she is kinda known for) jumped into a rant on how she would be offended if there were Historically White Colleges and a NAAWP basically the Stacey Dash “Why do we have a black history month” complex.

Now here’s what I think. She can believe what she wants and I’m not gonna drag her for her opinion like most did. Because she comes from a side of the tracks that some didn’t so of course her views on life are going to be different, hence her statement. Not to mention opinions are like booty holes, everybody’s got one so that’s not my problem with what she had to say. My beef is the fact that you spewed this opinion NATIONALLY when that kinda talk, is what you consider “kitchen table talk”. She even knew she was digging herself deep when she said, “one wrong word, so I’m trying to choose my words wisely.” They teach us that in broadcasting school.

So in response to her comments one HUGE sponsors has already called it off with the talk show diva. Chevy was set to run ads through the rest of the year on her show but they’ve since pulled out. She even stared in one of their commercials! So Auntie Wendy, you’ve already said too much.

Now I still love Wendy and she still is one of my biggest influences in broadcasting, radio in particular but as she says, I gotta say it like I mean it. And she should’ve kept these comments right in under her wig and broke em out for the kitchen table. She’s already good for 4 more years so the show is going nowhere, but that don’t mean the views will be the same. I predict the viewers will drop but I guarantee she won’t be issuing an apology, she’s from Jersey! Anyway lemme know what you guys think below about this entire situation.

I love you for reading!


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