Zayn Got Anxiety and you Aint Getting Yo Money Back!

What the hell is with these celebrities and they anxiety! Now I’m sure being a celeb is challenging but shit between Justin Bieber cancelling ALL his meet and greets and now Zayn Malik cancelling his show in London! Now here’s the tea behind this.

This was his first show solo dolo in London his hometown and for him not to perform due to anxiety, I call bullshit! Now quite frankly Khloe Kardashian told us all about Xanax so he could’ve popped a pill and got his ass on that stage. These kids was waiting to pillow talk with yo ass and you back stage trying to figure out an excuse to get out of the show!

Lemme tell you something Zayn. You decided to leave One Direction! This is what solo artist do. You don’t have the luxury of not going on one night and the show can still go on with the other guys! So if I pay my hard earned, two jobs money to see you pillow talk, then damn you better take a puff, a sip or something and get on this stage! That’s all! There must be something in this Hollywood water! What you guys think? Should he have sucked it up and just went on with the show or was it best for him to cancel OH MIND YOU 45 MINUTES BEFORE THE SHOW STARTED HONEY!!! Leave a comment below.


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