Taylor Swift vs. KimYe

kkgq.jpgNow if you know nothing, know I absolutely LOVE Kim Kardashian but this time….imma have to give her the side eye and tell her to have a damn seat. So first lemme say congratulations for landing the cover of GQ magazine where she is giving life. I never get tired of seeing naked Kim. But anyway so it’s whats inside the mag that I’m here to talk about.

She was asked about Taylor Swift and the mess she had with her husband, that man, to which she responded that Taylor absolutely knew about the mentioning of her name in Kanye’s song where he credits himself for Taylors success. She goes on to say that she is using Kanye to play the victim yet again.

Now I had a debate with someone about this at work. Taylor Swift was Taylor Swift before Kanye West got on that stage and took that mic from her. And that’s quite evident because she beat Beyoncé that year for that award so it’s clear she was indeed FAMOUS before Kanyetta did what he did. So let’s cross that off our list.

And I’m not a Swifty! I promise but I am a neutral party and I see both sides then make my decision on whose right and whose wrong. Kim this is not your battle to fight. Now I know your defending you baby daddy but at the end of the day, he is dead ass the fuck wrong! And most of the time he is! You either walk with the devil or you don’t. (Raven Symone Cheetah Girls 1 voice) Kanye is a self-absorbed, arrogant ass hole (all of which he would agree with so it’s not offensive) and the only side of things he sees is his own. So his points are generally and for the most part all the time invalid.

I wanna say stop painting Taylor as the victim. I don’t believe and this is just my opinion, I don’t believe Taylor plays victim. I believe because she’s that American sweetheart character she is constantly painted as perfection, do no wrong, victim role and that’s not necessarily her fault. Now if you disagree with my opinion, WordPress offers free blog space, go write about and tag me so I can come read it but that’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it!

So whose side are you on, Team KimYe of Swift? Leave us a comment below!


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