I didn’t wanna do a blog on this too soon because I felt like it would be slightly insensitive and using this tragedy for some views and you know that’s not what were about here in The Library. So if you guys are my Facebook friend or follow me on IG you know this past weekend I was in DC for Pride and on Sunday morning the news broke about a mass shooting in Orlando at Pulse night club killing 49 people and wounding 53 others. So I’m in DC trying to celebrate Pride and watching my girls perform and our community is rocked to the core. Pulse being a LGBTQ friendly club.

From me personally I wanna send my condolences to the families’ and the entire LGBTQ community. You find we begin to make strides and this is just a reminder that we are a minority in the country. I don’t talk politics and shit here and ya’ll know that so I’m not gonna get into gun laws and things of that nature but I will say this. GUNS NEED TO BE SOLD TO PEOPLE WHO ARE MENTALLY STABLE, IN A CERTAIN TAX BRACKET, AND WITH A PERMIT. Now days if you can’t get a gun in a store, you can go to your local corner and someone will sale you one! THAT’S DEAD ASS WRONG.

This was an attack directly on our community and more of a reason to celebrate our Pride for the ones we lost. You can find somewhere to donate to the relief in Orlando or show your support by #’n one of the many hashtags to support the cause. I love you guys for reading!



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