Now imam choose sides really quickly because quite frankly my mind is for the most part made up and she’ll have to do a lot of convincing to get me back on her side. So allegedly Safaree, you know Nicki Minaj ex-boyfriend, has slapped her with a lawsuit ON MEEK MILLS BIRTHDAY!!!

Now Safaree has already been saying that he helped Nicki write her rhymes since the beginning. You know they were together for a WHILE honey so I don’t doubt that he had some influence in her music. Now his music ain’t much to the ears but I do believe that he had some part in Nicki’s career.

Now moving on, I don’t think I ever told ya’ll how I felt about Nicki and that Mickey Mouse man. Here’s what I believe. She was cheating on Safaree with Mickey. When I went to school and got these degrees, they ain’t have nothing to do with psychology but what I do know is this. DON’T NO WOMAN, GET WITH NO MAN IMMEDIATELY AFTER BREAKING UP WITH SOMEONE THEY’VE BEEN WITH FOR 10+ YEARS. THAT’S JUST HUMAN NATURE. AND I KNOW THAT VERY WELL!

Now in Onika’s defense, Safaree just move the hell on. I know you feel like she owes you but men don’t beg women for shit! Now if you were smart, you would’ve had writing credits on the albums that you allegedly wrote on. But since I’m sure you were probably p**** whipped, thought ya’ll would be together forever and clearly that didn’t work out! And be clear, the best years of Nicki’s career are clearly in the past and that’s no shade there are receipts that show that so just let it go man. You can still go on as the ex of Nicki Minaj!

Now that I’ve said that, I don’t have any final thoughts for this situation. All I have to say is Safaree get over it. Nicki break him off some money and let this entire situation go. Be an honorable woman and give the man what he deserves if he indeed did help you write these songs. And call it a day! That’s my final verdict and I’m sticking to it!


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