Azealia Banks….IM DONE!!!

It’s been quiet as of lately. Just a little but not enough for me but I’m back with some mess. I find it funny that the week after I give Azealia Banks so props on one of my new favorite songs, the bitch goes off the deep end AGAIN and pops off!

So her most recent stunt came last night when she came for 14-year-old Disney star Skai Jackson but don’t feel sorry for her cause little mama BODIED Banks in this Twitter battle and earned my respect! Btw she’s the girl from the petty memes you’ve probably been seeing all over the web.

Now this apparently happened after she came for Zayn Malik from One Direction for allegedly “stealing” her ideas for his new music video. Now girl be clear, that song of yours that I love is shot in a hallway….so your level of creativity is in question. Who needs to steal from yo ass is what I’m asking? And immediately following her racial fueled slur which including jabs at his Pakistani and Muslim roots, she was yanked from the one stage she’s booked in a while; a London festival.

Azealia after reading exactly what you said about Zayn, *we have the receipts but I don’t speak like this again ANYBODY so I will not be posting them here* I am absolutely offended and have to decline listening to your song anymore! Literally what she said about him, I don’t even wanna talk about the disrespectful little skank anymore here on my blog cause it’s giving life to her name. You know what, I’m done with her ass all together. This will be the last post about that woman…or little girl here on The Library Radio. I’m so offended and don’t need this! I’m done!


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