DAMN JANET!!!! Girl I just finished watching Ms. Jackson new video “Damn Baby” and when I say I LOVE IT! Check it out below and we’ll have an ol fashioned kiki after you finish!

Now firstly before we even get into the video CONGRATULATIONS AUNTIE! She revealed that she is pregnant with her first child this week. Now this is a reason to cancel a tour…again. So I’ll give her the pass for this. Now back to the video.

She released a little clip a few weeks ago and I was like OH YES just off the little 5 second no audio clip! The video is boom kacks all over the place. Is it me, or is Janet the only woman alive who can put them curls in her hair and still slay the entire world. Like literally, she needs an award for being the most legendary dancer in history.

Ideally, there is no artist like Janet and this video just proves that this bitch is 49 years old and slaying like she’s 20! She gives life and this video is everything. Leave us a comment below about what you guys feel about it DAMMN BABY!


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