*takes a sip* WHEN I TELL YOU I FINALLY WATCHED LEMONADE LAST NIGHT ON MY FREE TRIAL ON TIDAL!!!!!! Here’s the thing, I wanted to watch sooner but my computer was being a douchebag so I decided for the sake of future projects and for lemonade purposes, that I would just restart it, like COMPLETELY. So sure nuff, I downloaded Chrome and I proceeded to the lemonade stand!

Now let me tell ya’ll what, when I say my lips was pout, tooted from the sour, sweet combination that was this entire visual album. Know this about me, I can’t stand lyrics! I hate when songs have depth and meaning that I have to pay attention to especially if the beat is how and I’m trying to twerk. BUT THESE LYRICS I HAD TO PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO!!!

I can absolutely see why people believe that the album is based on Jay Z cheating ass! YOU CHEATING ASS MONKEY! YOU DON’T DISRESPECT THE QUEEN! I was so hurt, then during “Sandcastle” I was like AWWWWWW they so cute BUT IM STILL PISSED AT YOU FOR CHEATING ON HER *allegedly*

Let’s address “Becky with the Good Hair” So in Sorry Beyonce references whom she is referring to as Becky with the good hair to be the woman that Jigga man stepped out on her with *ALLEGEDLY SUE ME YOU WILL NOT* Now I don’t condone attacking Rachel Roy for the simple fact nobody will ever know who Becky is except Beyonce! We can speculate all we want but the only people who truly know are those two. AND DID YALL SEE THE HIVE ATTACKING THE QUEEN OF THE KITCHEN RACHEL RAY! I was like come on Hive now!

The visuals from the album are so out of the norm for Beyonce. It was literally like a documentary. A work of art. I was pleasantly surprised at the cinematography and the way the story continued to flow through and incorporate the music. THE BITCH DID THIS SHIT AND YOU JUST HAVE TO DEAL! She has made a traditional album just completely obsolete in this stage in her career. Now for some other artist be clear, if you can’t pull it off don’t try and Bee-Yonce and release a bunch of pointless ass music videos! Because I WILL talk about you!

After my sugar went down, I quietly canceled my Tidal subscription and I’ll be back when Beyonce releases another album but I am full of lemonade and I am totally ok with diabetes!


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