NEW MUSIC: Brandy “Begging and Pleading” REVIEW

If you know nothing, know I will now and forever STAN for Brandy Norwood! She is everything that classic R&B is. Between her and Monica they the only two left for real from my era! But that’s neither here nor there. I’m here to tell ya’ll about her new video “Begging and Pleading!” Check it out below and I’ll kiki with ya’ll on the other side!

Ok so a couple of notes from the video. Did ya’ll see Ray J and his fiancé Princess Peach collecting a small check off Brandy! Ya’ll know how I feel about Ray J so don’t even get me started! Anyway the video is set in an old school club and Brandy is about to get on this stage and sing her face AWF as she always does. Did ya’ll peep that product placement in the first 13 seconds. IT WAS OBVIOUS!

The video is super simple nothing to intricate and that’s how I like my R&B singers. All I need is your voice not all the theatrics and extra shit that I expect from my pop stars! So leave us a comment on what your thoughts are on the new video and tell Brandy I said hey!


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