I don’t even wanna type this post but it’s the line of work I signed up for so I gotta do it. So we’re sitting at work today and a lady makes an announcement. She’s like, “Now I don’t know how true this is but my son just sent me a message saying Prince is dead!” So we all at my table like no he’s not and you know me like, “AND IF HE WAS I WOULD BE THE FIRST TO KNOW!” So seconds later I get on IG and the shit hit the fan!

Today the legendary musician who played like every instrument, never lip sang, actor, androgynous activist, just all around musical LEGEND Prince passed away early this morning at his home in Minnesota. We we’re all having a moment at the lunch table with this news! Why every time someone dies in entertainment, I’m at work and have to collect myself in front of people!

Now lemme be frank. I never was like a huge Prince fan because most of his most iconic years, I was too young to know what the hell a prince was! However, turn on one of his song and I bet you I know all the words. That’s thanks to my parents and my brother being HUGE Prince fans!

We just talked about his plane making an emergency landing due to a medical emergency where he was hospitalized with what was said to be the flu. Now from what I know and we know as a public, there is cause of death just yet but when there is I’ll be here to deliver. But this news is just too much for me!

AND THEN THIS MORNING I JUST FOUND OUT THAT MY FAVORITE FEMALE WRESTLER CHYNA OVERDOESED ALLEGEDLY! It’s just too much for me to deal with! Keep the families in ya’ll prayers and as more is released, we’ll be here to tell ya’ll about it! I love you for reading!


So ya’ll know the BET Awards are in June, so We here at The Library would like to make sure that they don’t fuck up this tribute. So I took the liberty of putting together a tribute post and imma post it below so they can get this right! BEYONCE AND CHRIS BROWN CANNOT PERFORM!





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