#EMPIRE Episode 4 “Poor Hakeem”LIVE BLOG

So I’m doing something new with my television reviews. Yes, I’m late watching Empire again because I was sleep but I promise with this concept, it’ll all be worth it. I’m “LIVE BLOGGING” meaning I’m gonna do this blog as I watch the episode that way I don’t miss anything. So with that being said, let’s get into episode 4 of Empire!

So I’m assuming Luscious sent that damn man the lawyer to St. Louis to find his daughter and get a strand of her hair. You know Raven Symone characters daughter that they thought was Jamal’s daughter because her and Jamal were married at one point. Yea, idk why he would do that but I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

Rhonda is living with BooBoo Kitty in a NICE apartment! Lemme tell you something about Andre honey! JESUS!!!!! But that’s another story. He came to talk to Rhonda about all the mess! So they were in the living room talking and heard Anika throwing up in the bathroom. You know she pregnant and she just told Andre and Rhonda! The baby daddy is allegedly Hakeem!

Is this a viewing party for the boom boom boom boom! So the shareholders want Luscious back in CEO spot. Cookie is trying to figure out what’s really going on. So Little Freedia is a barber…why is Jamal bumping in the barber shop! I can’t deal! WAIT THEY BEAT HIS ASS! OK so apparently there was a chair in the shop that was dedicated to Frank Gather’s aka Freedia daddy and some mad decided to sit in it and they beat him like he stole something!

Jamal and Gabourey Sidibe are showing off his new song with Freedia and Cookie is looking side eyed. Cookie is up to something.

The brothers are having a meeting. Something is going on dirty in Andre eyes! That man know he can hang a got damn suit! But that’s neither here nor there! Hakeem know he don’t know what the hell he is doing! Quit playing!

THAT SHADY ASS LAWYER! HE STEALING THE FASHIONS THAT HAKEEM….LUSICOUS YOU DIRTY BITCH! He setting up Hakeem! They about to get rid of his ass soon! Oh shit Hakeem is pissed! He called him a snitch bitch! Oh he is really setting him up! He put drugs on the tour bunks! You sneaking bitch!

Oh so now Cookie is about to try and sabotage Jamal and Freedia….So it’s Stacey or Freedia! Freedia gone fuck ya’ll up!

Andre and Luscious is talking to the dead grandmother….that’s all I got from that scene….moving on

Poor Hakeem! He like a struggling little boy trying to play basketball but he can’t. But he keeps trying.

So Andre brought Anika here, im assuming to tell the family that she’s pregnant! Rhonda begged her to keep the baby!

COME ON TEYANA BABY!!! I FUCKING LOVE HER AND LOOK AT THAT HAIR! Just don’t get on the floor and get sued by Monica Wilson! I got a feeling Hakeem is about to fuck this off. WAIT WHY IS LUSCIOUS IN ANIKA HOUSE!!!! So he gone give you 10 mil, take the money girl!

OH SHIT LUSCIOUS IS IN THE BUILDING! OH MY GOD HE IS EMBARASSING HIS ASS! Shit I’m barassed for him! ANDRE YOU DIRTY AS YO DADDY! Go save him Cookie please cause he needs help! Thank you Cookie!

Jamal and that half way house Nicki Minaj didn’t work out because she too big for Jamal Lyons, so he went to grovel back to Little Freedia who is still cutting hair.

WAIT A MINUTE SHES ALIVE!!! HOW THE HELL!!! SO Grandma Lyon is still alive in a nursing home! And Luscious got Thirsty ass dropping off money to her! This some bullshit!

So that was this week’s episode of Empire and honey I can’t wait till next week’s episode cause I got a feeling Grandma Lyon or Walker is gone make a comeback!



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