Beyonce “Lemonade” Extended Clip on HBO 4/23 9 PM EST

I don’t know and I don’t care but you better believe on 4/23 at 9 PM, my ass will be right the hell in front of my TV waiting for it. So yesterday, Beyoncé released this little IG video about some “Lemonade” Special Premiere Event coming soon to HBO. Now as previously stated, I don’t know what the hell this shit means or for that matter what a Special Premiere Event is but there’s an extended clip just released today….just take a damn look!

Now this didn’t help my confusion but it did feed my excitement! BITCH I CAN’T WAIT! I’m drinking lemonade every day until this premiere. I’m currently trying to find an app on my smart TV that will allow me to watch HBO cause girl Beyoncé, you know we don’t got no cable but shit, I’ll get it on the 23rd and cancel that ass on the 24th!

Anyway, what ya’ll think this fuss is about? A concert? Some new music? Leave us a comment!


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