NEW MUSIC: Meghan Trainor “NO” REVIEW

WHY DIDN’T NOBODY TELL ME MEGHAN TRAINOR AD THESE KINDA BOOM KACKS UPHER SLEEVES! And am I late when it comes to being on the Trainor-train?! (cute pun right…no…ok whatever) Anyway Meghan new song and video “No” is giving me everything I need! Check it out below and then we’ll talk!

Now I been knew about Meghan and he music. You know like that song with John Legend and her first song….ummm OH YEA “All About That Bass” but I wasn’t much of a fan. However, this new song “NO”! Every time I hear it on the radio I have to turn it up! The song is just about that annoying ass guy (or girl HOW YOU DEWIN) in the club that wants to ask you all them damn question and you don’t got time for the shit! JUST NO! And that’s basically it the video is what take this song these!

So I had no idea because I told ya’ll I really wasn’t a fan until now, that she gave me boom-kacks! She was doing it in that damn factory. Which was a little odd because I was expecting her to be in the club turning clowns down left and right cause that’s what the song is about….but you know I love a good twist so I’ll allow it. Any who I was pleasantly surprised by the video. AND DID YALL SEEHER IN THAT MESH GIVING ME GIRL ON GIRL ACTION! YAAAAASSS MEGHAN HONEY!!! Now I can say that I’m on the Train! (still not working huh….ok) Leave us a comment and let us know what you thinking!

I love you for reading!


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