#EMPIRE Episode 3 REVIEW “Happy Birthday Cookie Monster!”

So I missed the Empire party this week….I KNOW! But I was sleep! I had a LOOONNNNGGGG Wednesday however, Thursday I did finally watch and I’m just now getting to the blog of it all! So here it goes, Episode three of EMPIRE!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY COOKIE! Oh and just in case you were wondering, yes Camilla is DOA! And none other than Rhonda (Dre’s wife) will be taking over her fashion line situation she was working on. Keeping it all in the family! Very good move Hakeem. Leave it up to Luscious to make Hakeem feel like he was the reason she off’d herself when he knows damn we’ll he essentially black-femaled her ass into killing herself. But that’s all neither here nor there.

Luscious is shooting the music video for that song with him and Little Freedia. He having some issues dealing with his past so Cookie pulls everything and I mean EVERYTHING out of this fool! He done put the issues about his bi-polar mama into this music video. AND DURING ONE OF HER MANIC EPISODES SHE TRIED TO DROWN HIM and then she killed herself. So that scene was put into the video and everybody wanted to cry, at least I did.

Hakeem and Jamal are trying to get back at Luscious by snatching Lil Freedia by going down to the hood and finding her. She wasn’t having it though, that is until Luscious pulled her from the song they made together so now her and Jamal done made this song together and I actually like it! (it might just be because of Jamal)

Tiana is still giving me life without parole on this tour with her new song. But she got the cheetah girls opening for her and causing trouble. And she ain’t having it at the hell all! She had to get her and Hakeem little ass together. And then Hakeem had the nerve to propose to the head Cheetah! I don’t even know her name but she’s the little cute lead singer. Hakeem is doing way too much, your ceo, now your engaged, filming sex tapes I just can’t keep up!

So let’s fast forward to Sunday, Cookie’s birthday dinner. She thought everybody wasn’t coming so she was prepared to have din-din with Luscious and that’s all but everybody was in the other room. Then Cookie went and blew it by showing a rough cut of Luscious new video. Andre being that Ivy league graduate put two and two together and had a damn breakdown! Rightfully so but now he done stormed out the house left Rhonda for dead and she had to call the person who pushed her ass down the stairs cause she done had it up to here. So she moving in with BooBoo Kitty! JUST A MESS!

Don’t ask me what’s gone happen next week cause Hulu don’t show no previews so I’ll be just as surprised as you are. Be sure to tune into EMPIRE this Wednesday 9 PM EST only on Fox! I love you for reading.


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