So before I get into this review lemme give a little preface. I absolutely ADORE Jennifer Lopez and the one thing I know is I don’t listen to her for this award winning lyrical content, music with a message or anything like that. I listen to J.Lo when I wanna shake ass, getting ready to go the club house, at the club house, and sometimes on the way home from the club house. So with that, she released her new single “Ain’t Yo Mama” today and she even gave a performance on the series finale of American Idol tonight. So check out the song below and then keep scrolling so we can talk about it!

Now that you know that she ain’t yo mama, let’s talk! So when the song first came on, I instantly began twerking. Which is what I think she wanted when you listen to the song. Yes the lyrics are amateur but as previously stated, I don’t come to J.Lo to help mentally. I come to her for some physical! I can absolutely here this song being mashed up at the club and that’s where J.lo shines the brightest.

I tell you what, it’s catchy as hell cause when I say I’ve been bopping to it in my head since I began typing this post! Now I wanna know what mama gone do now since Idol won’t be wasting her time anymore. OH THE RESIDENCY! She’s stay booked so she won’t have a problem collecting her $200 when she passes go. But as for this song, I like it and I ain’t yo mama! Anyway let us know what you think about it below!


So while searching for the cover art for this song, I came across some tea that I had to share with ya’ll! DO YOU KNOW DR. LUKE WORKED ON THIS SONG WITH JENNY!!! YES; the Dr. Luke that is being accused of raping, drugging and sexually abusing our glitter queen Kesha! Now I’ve trained myself to separate the person for their work and because he worked on this song doesn’t mean it still ain’t a bop. But it just goes to show you, he ain’t stop making no coins since these accusations done came out against him and its sad! Kesha gone be eating glitter soon if she doesn’t get back to work but he over here telling us how our mama is?! That’s all just thought ya’ll should know that!


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