JOY TO THE WORLD! CAMILLA’S DEAD WE BBQ’D HER HEAD! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BODY WE FLUSHED IT DOWN THE POTTY! I am so glad that he ass is out of here! But before I get into that, cause as you can see I’m excited, let’s breakdown what lead up to her demise on this week’s episode of EMPIRE YALL!!

So Hakeem is still acting CEO and quite frankly, I wish Lee Daniels would get him a smaller chair in that office! He just looks weird sitting in that big ass chair making decisions and using words that he can’t spell. Luscious is working on a new video with Lil Freedia and is freediait me or does she look a lot like that lady who was in that Boosie song, I forgot the name of it but imam find out and get ya’ll a picture. (FOUND IT)

Hakeem did do that song but why in God’s name did they allow him….his lips are already big! Then they had the nerve to put his face as the new logo so now his lips are JUMBO SIZED! And then used the shit for the title sequence! They dead ass wrong!

Rhonda is still booked and pressed but Andre really wants to get to the bottom of this I’ve fallen and I can’t get up situation. However, idk what’s going on with him and these meds, but he need to get a higher dosage cause he starting to go manic again and accusing Rhonda of cheating on him was his first strike of the season!

JAMAL DONE PISSED OFF THE GAYS! And you know if you wanna piss anybody off, the LGBT ain’t the people to do cause they will show the hell out and that they did! Was that Miles J from Youtuber that took the flip-flops to Jamal to sign? But they did a whole number honey outside of the Empire building about how Jamal was flip flopping his sexuality! You know the gworls put on a show for you honey! So now with the ASA or ACA….whatever coming up he needs the support of his gay following to get them wins so, he went and made a whole song about how Luscious sabotaged him and how he ain’t shit. You know the stuff we know already!

MY GIRL TEYANA IS BACK AND ASS SHAKING LIKE NO OTHER! I love her and whenever I see her, I know I’m about to bop to whatever she about to perform! And his new song is no exception. Now she getting ready to go on tour and Cookie had the idea to send the Cheetah Girls out as her opening act. Teyana don’t know this yet but I don’t think she gone be happy about her ex new “project” being her opening act.

So the plot to get Camilla out is on. And we originally planned for Hakeem to record her confessing to illegally stealing Empire but he of course took it a step further. He made a sex tape, plus got some shade of him and old fish and sent it to her wife ummmm what was her name….Mimi! That’s it! So Keem sent the tape to Mimi and she said “fuck this shit, I’m out!” Pulled her money out of Empire and bounced so what does Camilla do, kills her ass! And guess who pays her a visit to get the receipts, Luscious! Basically framing her into committing suicide by poison and the hallelujah chorus came in!!!

So now the Empire is back in the family and our headache is OVER! For now, at least! I was here for this week’s episode and I’m looking forward to next week. Make sure you tune in to Empire Wednesday nights 9 PM EST on Fox and as always I love you for reading!


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