#CHYRO ENGAGED? Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Engaged!?

IT’S 4 AM AND MY LOVE WONT ANSWER!!! But apparently Blac Chyna answered and the answer was YES! I’m currently planning this extravagant wedding for Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian! Chyna took to IG like 20 minutes ago with this picture below and the internet is going AWF!


Now I had to google which hand engagement rings go on and it is indeed the left and that is indeed her left hand, ring finger! Not to mention her mama, Mama Tokyo also took to IG to congratulate the two on their engagement. Now let’s just get messy!

If this ain’t how you spite a whole entire family! Both parties love each other that’s quite clear but lemme just be messy for a second. Rob I’m sure has had it up to here with his family dogging his ass out for being huge for so long so he wants some get back and what better way than with the ex-family enemy. And Chyna need to get back at Tyga for treating her like a dog and ditching her for an infant. It works out for EVERYBODY! And we get a love story to go with it!

Now listen Chyna, you’re gonna be a Kardashian now so you own some rights to that name honey! We in the money now! You get on that show, you get them ratings up (cause Lord know when you step on the scene, the ratings will go through the roof) and you stir that got damn pot! I’m so excited to plan your wedding. No, you didn’t ask and you don’t have to! That’s what friends are for. Me and Muva Amber Rose will handle it all. You just worry about getting pregnant and having the first heir to the Kardashian name!!

I’m so excited leave us a comment and let us know what you think about this entire situation!


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