NEW MUSIC: Rihanna “Kiss it Better”

Now lemme tell ya’ll this, I had been hearing about this song and video for a few days and never got around to watching it. Or for that matter hearing the song so when I initially watched it was also my first time hearing the song…. GO HEAD RIHANNA GIRL!

Now this is a Rihanna I can get with ok! I love the melody of the song the most. The lyrics are cute but it’s something about that melody that makes me wanna just get up and grind on a wall! Oh lemme give ya’ll the link so if you haven’t seen the video you can watch it right here!

Now lemme tell ya’ll what I thought about this video! Is it me or do you know Rihanna’s nipples better than yo own. I know she gotta be obsessed with her nipples cause when I say I see them more than I see any other part of her body! I ain’t mad though! You know I love a good big dancer number and sequence and drama but for this song, Rihanna alone, slick black backdrop, nipples on fleek was all I needed. I think if she decided to go that route, I probably wouldn’t have liked it as much.

Now Rihanna gone make me go and buy this album. I’m just never the one to buy the album like the first day it comes out. You gotta prove that it’s worth my money with some good singles before I go and invest ok! CD ain’t the price they used to be. But I think with WORK, and this Kiss it better; not to mention the good feedback I’ve heard about ANTI, she might just get a sale out of me! Any who lemme know what you guys thought about Rihanna’s new single and video below and always, I love you for reading!





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