Love and Hip-Hop New York Season Review

Ok so this season of Love and Hip-Hop New York has finally come to an end. The reunions are done and I literally just watched the second part yesterday. Yea four days’ late cause I wasn’t pressed. Any who I have some final season thoughts, who I want back next season, who can stay home and some predictions for next season. So let’s start with the reunion shall we.

SNOOZE FEST! Besides the fact that Cardi B was there to save the night, the reunion wasn’t up to par with ATL reunions (because you know they go AWF on them). Amina announced that she indeed was pregnant like we kinda knew before the reunion even aired. Peter still ain’t shit and Tara is gone keep fucking his married ass and as much as I wanna believe Amina when she says she is done, she’s not! She said that shit last season and now she pregnant again so clearly that went out the window.

The season breakout star Cardi B got Peter 2GETHER HONEY! She read his ass for filth! And when I say I was screaming at the screen! She read him like a driver manual in 10th grade honey! And as she should. Ummmm what else, oh Mana-Deeces and Mama/Papa Samantha PLEASE HAVE SEVERAL SEATS! Ya’ll wanna be on this show so bad that at ya’ll old ass had to jump up and get another fight going AGAIN! It’s always some shit when these two are around and I don’t like Samantha. That’s Mendeeces baby mother. She just gives me attitude for no apparent reason. Like be clear, I see Yandy more with your child than I see you so if that’s not a token sign that your less than present in his life, than I don’t know what is. Girl bye to that shade you was trying to throw at Yandy!

Other than what was listed above, that’s all ya’ll aint miss much. Not lemme break down whose staying and whose going.

  • Yandy: until Mendeeces comes back you can go. No shade but you don’t have much to offer to the show at this point. What Mona can do for you is put together a spin-off of you raising the kids on your own and you know being a mom and shit like that but on this show, you have nothing more to offer until your husband comes back.
  • Remy Ma: your family dynamic would be great to explore next season. The issues with you and your family need to be addressed and I think we should give you and Pap the opportunity to do that next season so we want you aboard for it!
  • Cardi B: YOU HAVE TO STAY! Not only because your personality was the show for the most part this season, we wanna meet this guy your marrying eventually when he gets out of jail. And we wanna follow you making this music cause from what I’ve heard, its respectable music so welcome back girl!
  • BYOB…BBOD…BBB: Whatever BYE!
  • MariaLynn: You intrigue me, I don’t know why but I wanna dig deeper into your character and see exactly who you are. You can keep the rapping, but your life for some reason I want to know more about so come back for next season.
  • Amina, Tara and Peter: NO! The whole love triangle situation is played; dead horse beat down with a metal baseball bat. Ya’ll both been pregnant by this fool at least twice on the show, we all know ya’ll both gone keep fucking him it’s over. Move on to something else like raising these men to not be like their father!
  • Rahsheeda: I don’t like you…I don’t know why. But…you know what, I do know why. I didn’t like the way you came for Yandy during the reunion. Or during the season like the beef was between you and her and it wasn’t. Not to mention, you offer nothing to the show so you can exit stage left or right which ever one is closer.
  • Rich “NO DOLLAS”: Apparently your going back to LA to build a new story line with Moniece from #LHHH but for me, I don’t care. Like your old news and I’m quite frankly done watching you and this mess of a love life you have. So you can just stay in Hollywood until I’m over you there.
  • Cisco: You bring nothing bye!
  • DJ Self: You also bring nothing bye!

Ok anybody I didn’t mention clearly isn’t that important and don’t need to be back! So with that MAKE SURE YOU GUYS TUNE IN TO LOVE AND HIP HOP: ATLANTA premiering on Monday (check your local listings for time) And I love you for reading!





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