YAAAAASSSSS GAWD!!!! I have been waiting so long for the return of Fox hit series Empire and when I say I wasn’t disappointed! Now here’s the thing, I uploaded a video onto YouTube reviewing last nights episode so Imma post that right here so ya’ll can get some tea but it’s some more stuff imma discuss right the hell here in the Library honey OK!

SO LETS GET RIGHT INTO IT! So where we left off last season, somebody had done pushed Rhonda and da baby down the got damn stairs!!! You would’ve thought her ass was flying the way she went down them stairs! Now the episode opened right where I wanted it because quite frankly, that is really what I’ve been waiting these three months for. To find out what was going to happen to Rhonda! But lemme tell you, that’s a craft a white fish cause she mustered up the little strength she had to throw that phone at the front door and trigger that alarm! Now in her daze she saw the culprit walk out the door, or at least her shoes but we all know it was BooBoo Kitty punk ass! I used to like her but FUCK her for killing Andre and Rhonda baby!

Cookie beat the dog FUCK out of Hakeem for not voting for Luscious and essentially GIVING the Empire over to Naomi Campbell ass! I can’t wait for them to kill her ass cause she got some coochie that’s messing up the churches money and I don’t like it one bit! However with her now HBIC of Empire, she makes Hakeem CEO of the company with the conditions that he dumps the cheetah girl! I forgot her name but it’s not that important.

Jamal….Jamal….lemme just say this right now. Jamal makes me so proud! This man got up on this stage GRINDING and Gyrating with the boys and the girls making this statement about sexuality and how it’s not just black and white anymore. And I applaud that statement. Not to mention, I just adore Jussie Smollett in general (HAVE YALL SEEN THIS MOVIE ON NETFLIX CALL THE SKINNY WITH JUSSIE IN IT! WATCH IT THANK ME LATER)

Now with Luscious gone Naomi is redecorating shit and making new business ventures and Luscious aint having it. He told Hakeem look nigga, you either kill me or imma kill yo ass but ill be dammed times 3 three if you gone run my Empire back into the grounds at which it came! Hakeem of course not being about that life couldn’t do it so he better watch his back. Thought I don’t believe Luscious would actually kill Hakeem, I KNOW he will Kill Naomi ass and I can’t wait did I MENTION I CAN’T STAND HER ON THIS SHOW! Love her but hate her character!

Anywho that’s basically what you missed make sure you guys tune in next Wednesday 9 PM EST for the second episode! This season is gonna give LIFE to the kids and I’m getting mine! I love you for reading!




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