Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber BEEF?

What the hell is really going on! Seriously when little teeny boppers start beefing I’m forced to give side eye! Now lemme tell you something, Ariana has this new song that I really like, ummmm Dangerous Woman! Now she’s been telling us about this video that she is gonna be releasing sometime soon so when I hear something about a beef I feel like publicity stunt! But apparently this is serious!

So the Bieb and Ariana unfollowed each other on IG recently, like over the Easter weekend (Happy Easter btw ya’ll) So if ya’ll didn’t know whenever someone unfollows you on IG, that’s just like the first step in saying fuck our relationship like IM DONE! But the reason why this beef is even existing is what makes me wanna fall the hell out!

So apparently during his Purpose tour that he is currently going on right now, one of his stops he included Ariana’s ex-boyfriend Big Sean in his act. Now ya’ll might remember but the song was less than memorable if you ask me that song back in the day with Big Sean and Justin ummmm what was it called!? I don’t remember. But the fact that Ariana is allegedly this petty, I can’t even function.

Now according to the Bieliebers who are messy as hell, they found this photo below of apparently a way to find out if someone unfollows you on IG. Whoever came up with this website is messy as hell and we need to be friends!


Now quit playing in the sandbox kiddies this is never that serious for us to be unfollowing each other on IG and being petty. What ya’ll need to do is make a song together and get ya fans together and slay the kids of Ethiopia! However, if you had to choose sides, who you siding with. I’m team Justin if this is true that


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