NEW MUSIC: Joseline Hernandez “Church”

It took her long enough to release this damn video! Now here’s the thing, its no secret that the Puerto Rican Princess is my favorite character on Love and Hip Hop ATL and we been waiting for some music from her ass since Funky Dineva pulled her card on that after show but she finally delivered’t’!

Literally 7 minutes ago Joseline released the video for her single “Church” that we got a snippet of last season of #LHHATL and since that snippet we aint heard or seen shit! BUT IT’S FINALLY HERE! CHECK IT OUT BELOW!!!

Now here’s my tea and my only tea. Now Joseline it took you a whole year plus to deliver this video, and we couldn’t get no BoomKacks, backup dancers, no shade honey but this video look like it was shot on that brand new Samsung phone. Nonetheless, I love this song and the little dialogue with you and Steebie at the beginning was cute (clearly during happier times)

Leave us a comment on what you think about the new video the new video!


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