Kim Fields say’s “F&$% THIS S#%$ IM OUT” To the Real Housewives of Atlanta

Now I couldn’t tell you what went down during this season of The Reak Housewives of Atlanta because truth be told, I watched the first episode and haven’t looked back! It’s just did nothing for my soul and dare I say maybe the did need Nene. But that’s neither here nor there. Our favorite new comer however is OVER IT! And as she should be cause quite frankly Kim Fields, we told yo ass not to go on this show anyway cause your far and I mean FAAAAARRRRRR to classy based for the ratcherty that is Housewives franchise. Get into this phone interview she did with my future employer Rickey Smiley Morning Show BELOW!

Now I don’t know what Kenya had to say but her delusion I blame Beyoncé for! Put her tagline in a song and this bitch think she is the hot sauce in yo bag! It’s no secret what Kenya place is on the #RHOA, nothing more than a pot stirrer and shit starter! Other than Ms. USA aint nobody checking for her ass! So how DARE YOU compare your life to the legendaryness that is Kim Fields!

However, I’m glad thanks to this shady ass platform, she’s been able to book this Dancing With The Stars stage cause THATS A STAGE SHE NEEDS TO BE ON! WITH THE STARS HONEY! Where she belongs! I’ll be voting for her ass! The premiere of Dancing With the Stars tonight at 8 PM EST and she’s the opening act so tune in!


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