Ok imam spend as little time as possible on this situation because one thing I don’t partake in is tomfoolery! Is it me, or do you get Shemar Moore and Boris Kodjoe confused sometime. Cause I know I do! But this story is about Shemar and how he is currently fighting for his masculinity and sexuality through Instagram.

BTW I’m currently sitting here watching this fool Orlando Brown make a fool out of himself on VLADTV….I’ll talk about this later but anyway. Somebody done came for Shemar and called him a queen of the night on Instagram and he flipped the got damn script. Get into the post below!


Now this was the second one because there was one before this where he swore that this would be the last time he would discuss the rumors about him having the stuff that you want and the things that you need! Now here’s my thing Shemar, STOP IT! You know how many times I done heard that you were gay in the media. Sad truth about society is if you someone of Shemar’s age, he’s a handsome man, great body and single, he must be gay! That’s just the trifling sad truth about what society thinks.

The thing is Shemar, you aint gotta defend your sexuality to nobody! Just stop it, cause guess what the more you talk about it the more we gone have to bring it up! Yo “baby girls” (his fans) know and I think for as far as I believe that’s all that matters. But I had to do this post because I felt like this is gonna be funny to sit and kiki about. BTW this interview with Orlando Brown HONEY THIS FOOL IS CRAZY! But Shemar get yo life! And if you wanna cross over, that’s fine with us!


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