DO NOT CRUCIFY ME! PLEASE BECAUSE IM FORCED TO SAY WHAT I MEAN AND MEAN WHAT I SAY. STAND FIRM IN MY WORD WHILE WALKING IN MY TRUTH! I like Iggy Azalea new song “Team” And I know you can take my black card and shred it if that’s what you wanna do! Check out the song below!

Now as a dance, when I first saw that video I was like “YAAAAAASSSSS”!!! I’m not even sure if I really like the song or if it was the Boom Kacks that took over my body and made me tootsie roll when the beat dropped. Now this the first song Igloo done released since ya’ll sent her into hiding and got engaged to that Nick Young character. Ya’ll ought to be shamed that poor girl disabled her twitter, ig, snapchat, myspace, tagged and everything else ok!

Ok I’m joking but it has been a while since we heard from her and it’s good to have some new music. Now the song probably won’t be a hit with radio because you can’t just fall off the face of the earth and think we’ll be sitting here waiting for you! There’s a bowl full of kittens ready to lick that milk and if your gone too long somebody gone lick it Igloo.

But as previously stated, I like the song OHHHHH WAIT THERE WAS AN INTERVIEW THAT I WANT YALL TO WATCH! I’ll link it below! But Good luck with this new single and album Igloo! You got me with this song for now!


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