Ashanti aint got no man at home but she gota STALKER!!!

First of all, I didn’t even know Ashanti had a damn stalker! And for that matter who the hell wants to stalk Ashanti’s ass! Let alone for ten whole damn years! Hell it’s been ten years since she had a hit single for real?! But that’s neither here nor there, so here’s the story!

Devar Hurd who is 37 years old now (which means he’s been stalking her since he was 24) says that he wasn’t “per say” stalking her, tweeting is not considered stalking and she could’ve simply blocked his crazy ass. Clearly Judge Mayboline didn’t buy this bullshit and found his ass guilty yesterday!

Now I just read a few details that are interesting that I wanna tell ya’ll about. So back in 2014 a mistrial had to be called when a member of the juror fell ill (yes he’s been arrested for this shit before) and then another mistrial due to a deadlock jury last year. Now had this fool plead guilty this time instead of going to trial, he could’ve been automatically released for time already served. But since he clearly hired a Playskool lawyer who skipped that day of law school he gotta go back to the cell.

Now listen to me Ashanti, you better get yo block game up and hire some real security. Is it me, but if imam catch a case for stalking somebody, no shade but it aint gone be Ashanti! Maybe Beyonce, but then again, that big ass security man she be strolling around with, he might kill my ass! But nonetheless good luck Ashanti girl.


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