NEW MUSIC: K.Michelle “Mindful”

Now get into these teas. Now I wasn’t even gone do a review for this song when I found out K.Michelle ass blocked me on Twitter for what reason I don’t know! However, I’m always in the mood for some new jams and since she delivered a new video, I put my petty feelings aside to give you some tea on this song and video!

“Mindful” is coming off K’s third studio album “More Issues than Vogue”. I was first drawn to the video when I saw her posting still images of it on Instagram (which she hasn’t blocked me from yet >_>) And I was like YAAAASSS K. You know I love a bitch with Skittles hair (only if you have the complexion to pull it off and she does) But anyway, back to the song.

She giving flow like Nicki Minaj is on vacation so lemme step into her place while she somewhere baby sitting that Mickey Mouseketter of a boyfriend. Now lemme give you something else K. You dead ass wrong for this video only being a blink of an eye long, I wanted more table shaking and gyrating! I love the whole hood trailer park theme with the Jack Daniels on the table (I read through blurry labels honey, you can’t hide liquor from a lush)

I gotta give K.Michelle the baddest #LHH bitch in the game cause out of ALL THE FRANCHISES of that damn show, this bitch the only one booking stages, selling these albums and making quality music. For Karlie to even FATHOM this kind of success is a reach with her “Louis Prada Gucci” tootsie rolling ass! She aint go the “clothing line” route like half of these base model ass stars but she actually got some ol country ass talent. And you know it’s true cause despite the fact that her ass blocked me, I SAID IT!

All in all the video is cute and I love the song. More importantly, I live for that damn hair! Any who checkout the video below and let us know how you feeling about it? Will you be getting K’s new album available March 25?


Now that i’m looking at it again….the hair is more cotton candy at the UniverSoul circus than skittles….maybe i’m just hungry but yea…carry on!


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