Madonna fighting ex-husband for custody of 15 yr old son Rocco

Now if I didn’t learn anything from rich white woman Funky Dineva Ross I learned you never knock someone down without extending a hand to help them up. So with that lemme tell yall about Madonna old “my time has passed” ass!

For the past maybe 3 months or so we’ve been seeing these headlines about Madonna and her fifteen year old son Rocco and how they aren’t getting along. Well I guess he had it up to here with her ass and decided he was going back to London to live with his daddy Guy Richie! Which then sparked this full custody battle that we get to sit and watch!

Now here’s what little Rocco is saying. According to some sources he is over this whole Madonna lifestyle. He don’t wanna be on that tired ass tour with her, and he just wanna be a regular teenage and get high and stuff like that. You know teenager shit. Madonna however isn’t having it, not without a fight but honey, this headline above IS NOT THE WAY TO GET YO CHILD BACK!

Now Guy, I read a report that you don’t encourage academics and going to school. So I don’t think he needs to be with your ass 24/7 cause lord know what he would get into! However if Madonna would soften up a little….is it me or wouldn’t you think Madonna would be like the cool mom? At the PTA meeting with a cone bra and chaps on with fishnets and stilettos? Just me….ok whatever but apparently she’s more the disciplinarian than Guy.

So here’s what I think you should do guys. Rocco, your fifteen years old, YOU DONT HAVE A SAY AT ALL IN THIS SITUATION! When you turn eighteen if you still have to live with your parent’s then that’s when you decide where you wanna go but until then, I don’t even know who told you that you could choose where you could live?! Now for the adults, If ya’ll old asses don’t figure this out outside of court. Ya’ll got this far in this boy’s life without error and now he got 3 years left and now we wanna go to court for some custody?! If I was Judge Maybeline I would laugh at ya’ll asses! Madonna if you don’t ease the hell up! Normally its the mother that’s more lenient and the father more of a disciplinarian  at least it was in my house but you gotta let a fifteen year old be just that, a teenager! If he skips school, kick his ass all the way back to the school! But you can’t expect him to not wanna be a kid. And Guy your not getting custody and if I were Madonna lawyers, I would drag those quotes right into the court room and let Judge Joe Brown see them!

Hopefully ya’ll get it together before that little black boy yall adopted get resentful and pissed cause I know that aint what you want!


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