Ciara and Russell Wilson ENGAGED + SomeWedding Plans from ME!


I am so excited about the news that Ciara literally just posted about while I’m sitting here trying to watch the first season of American Horror Story! Now it’s no secret that Ciara and Russell have been my favorite celebrity couple for a while now. They just make dating look fun to me. And when they revealed that whole, “were not having sex thing” it made them both sexier! So after almost a year in April of dating the two are finally engaged to be married. Ciara shared the following post on IG just a few hours ago!


Now I wanna know what Future gone have to say about this cause now the man that’s with yo baby mama is about to be her husband which would make him his child’s step-father! Can’t be pissed about that but I’m sure he’ll find a way to be anyway cause he petty wapp!

Now Ciara allow me to help you plan the wedding. Kim can’t come! I know she’s a friend but she can’t come. I don’t want any Kardashian drama at this wedding. What I think would be cute would be a nice summer beach wedding. Because you’re both a nice macchiato skin tone and the sun kissing your beautiful skins would give me everything in a photo. A simple shear gown with little rhinestones, not too many that it would blue the photo.

Now Russell listen to me. You don’t have to do anything but show up in what I ask you to and we’ll be fine. I like the hair, keep that. Your tux should be a sandy color tan. Like the closest thing to white and the color of sand. Does that make sense? If not, I’ll send you the color pallet so you can see.

Now not any more than 100 guest, I want this to be as simple as possible. Let it be a winter time wedding. Like January 23rd…. why that day I don’t know it just spoke to me so I went with it. I have so many more plans but these are just the beginning details, I’ll get back to you guys later with the details. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE ENGAGEMENT! And I’ll see you on January 23rd!


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