50 Shades of Carey

To be totally fair, I’ve examined both sides of this story and for the life of me can’t find out why Mariah Carey is such a shady diva queen! BUT I LOVE IT! So this extremely random unspoken beefy shady relationship between Mimi and J.Lo has gone on for some YEARS NOW ever since the infamous, “I don’t know her” line Carey dropped and it’s even resurfacing thanks for our good ol Auntie Wendy.

While promoting her new show, J.Lo stopped by the Wendy Williams show where she discussed her residency in Vegas! (that she is KILLING by the way) So she was telling Auntie Wendy about how she saw so many shows in Vegas before her show even began with the exception of Mariah because her show hadn’t started yet. Wendy being Wendy responded with “Who” in response to that’s usually how Mariah responds when you mention J.Lo.

So with no the least amount of shade possible Jennifer stated that the two have met SEVERAL times and that she must have a slight memory loss! DEAD! NOW LISTEN TO ME MARIAH! I know you come from a era where singers need to SANG and quite frankly there’s not a voice I rather hear on Christmas than yours! Hell even sometimes in July I wanna jam to “All I want for Christmas” but what that woman do to you other than shake her ass and give life In Living Color and kicked that man ass in Enough? Oh was it this?

Hell everybody was guilty of social media scrolling during that long ass performance! And I understand, No J.Lo isn’t a SINGER like a SANGER like you but hell to be quite frank, you don’t sing like you used to either but I tell you what, Jennifer still shaking that ass like she was back in the late 90’s! Now I like both of ya’ll so what I want ya’ll to do is sit down and have a kiki about what the tea is! Cause ya’ll too damn old to be throwing shade like teenagers! I do appreciate ya’ll not taking this to social media!

Mariah did take the opportunity to turn the knife a little when she was asked about the infamous quote to a TMZ reporter. Check it out. Are you team Mimi or team J.Lo on this one? I will say this, she does look AMAZING in this clip!


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