Kim Naked….again

IDKY when Kim takes a nude picture we’re all WHOA WHAT IS SHE DOING! Look I’ve seen the inside and out of Kim so at this point nothing much surprises me. However for news sake I have to report it! Our girl snapped this selfie of herself last night and the internet broke…again!


I don’t like her blonde…just as a side bar (no pun intended) Her body looks great to just had Saint three months ago. AND ANOTHER THING! I can’t stand to see people say, “She has kids now when is she gonna start being a mother?” WHO THE HELL DEFINED THE TERM MOTHER?! Now granted my mama aint NEVER (not to my knowledge) took no pictures like this but my mother comes from a different era, economic status, and a bunch of other things I don’t feel like getting into! If Kim wants to take a naked selfie, I don’t see a problem with it.

So a few kids will talk shit when North and Saint go to the school house, THATS WHAT BAD ASS LITTLE KIDS DO! TALK SHIT AND BULLY! Doesn’t make it right but that’s when her parenting skills come into play. If she raises them kids right not to let people get under their skin then she’s doing her job in my opinion. Not to mention she only gone have that body for a little while longer so shit FLAUNT IT KIM! What I do wanna know is this, what that psycho of a husband has to say about it!





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