Katt Williams done fried them brain cells!!!

Now this is a story that’s been on going in a sense. If I was blogging heavy a few years ago, I would’ve told yall about this fool punching that Target employee for no damn reason! Then I would tell ya’ll about him getting with Hazel E from #LHHH, which I thought was AWKWARD to say the least. But Money Mikes most recent stunts, I couldn’t let go!

I don’t know what kinda, “Just For Me” perm that man been using over the years but his brains is scrambled hard with cheese if you ask me. Apparently whatever DMX had, he done passed off to him because this is DMX behavior to say the least. Lemme run down the last week he’s had. So last week he was arrested for punching a store clerk, not the Target, this is another occasion. This happened after he allegedly held five women hostage AT GUN POINT! And then a few days after he goes RAMBO on these girls, he’s fighting down to the streets of LA!

But I think he might learn his lesson after this most recent beat down. So he was in Philly at a rap show. He’s looking like Sailor Moon HONEY he was so high looking! You ever look at someone and say to yourself, “I bet they can whisper in Jesus ear they so high!?” That’s what I was thinking. So he’s on stage doing push ups looking like Goku getting ready to power up! Then he randomly chargers this guy and knocks his block off! The rest of the scenario, only footage can explain! Get into it below!

THEY STOMPED THAT FOOL OUT LIKE A ROACH ON A SUNDAY! Now I don’t know what the hell is wrong with this man but I tell you this, I’m thinking Iyanla couldn’t fix DMX, so I don’t even know who to call for this fool! I wanna know, where is Ice Cube cause I blame him! They gone cast Kevin Hart in the final Friday movie knowing damn well apparently Katt got a beef with Kevin (probably because he wasn’t shitting so Kevin kicked him off the pot) And now he rolling in the deep with Adele!

Hazel got on Twitter to defend her man honey with this tweet!


So idk ya’ll! Imma just send a few prayers up cause I tell you what. I don’t care what Hazel talking about, Weed is supposed to mellow you out. Now I wouldn’t know cause I ain’t never smoked a day in my life, but I know some people who do and they don’t go around punching mofos on any given Sunday! What ya’ll think about this mess?!


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