Zoe Saldana “Nina” BACKLASH

So I gave this story some time to marinate and get me some more details before I weight in on the entire situation but now it’s time for me to read. Unless you’ve been under that rock again, you’ve heard the news of the newest biopic on the market. Nina Simone! Now lemme be clear cause ain’t nobody gone pull my card before I do. I don’t know Nina Simone, her work, her legacy or anything of that nature. I know her name but other than that, I couldn’t tell you what she did for a living until I did some research on her. She was a civil rights activist, musician, and from what I read A FIRECRACKER! She was clinically diagnosed with bipolar disorder which would explain her behavior but that’s not what this story is about.

So this photo was released last week and the internet went CRAZY!!!! And not in a good way!

nina bioYES HONEY THAT IS COLUMBIANA ASS DAWNED IN BLACK FACE TO PORTRAY NINA SIMONE!!!! Ok all shade aside lets just get into why this is so controversial and why black folk of America and everywhere else are PISSED! Our girl Zoe who is ironically my birthday twin (june 19th GEMINI WHOOP) is swirly as Neapolitan ice cream! I mean thirty two flavors of that booty luscious bubble gum! She’s identified as Hispanic, Puerto Rican, Black, Haitian, and Lebanese! GORGEOUS GIRL AND I MEAN GORGEOUS!!!! But apparently beauty can’t win the vote when it comes to casting this role.

The interntet is OUTRAGED that Zoe, whose skins is fairly light, thinner, more ethnic (swirly) just doesn’t fit the play the role of the late activist. Now, lemme tell yall what it took for her to get to this stage in this photo above. Examine this photo below.


Motha Nina on the left and Zoe on the right. Let’s start with the nose. There was prostetics put on Zoe nose to make it more full as Nina’s. Her face with beat with Chocolate NesQuik to make her skin a rich chocolate. Of course we’ll assume she was wigged up because if I know nothing about some hair, I can tell you this, Nina’s hair looks natural and a better natural than some of these women now days who claim to be natural…but Zoe hair isn’t capable of this kind of texture!

So as if those reasons weren’t enough, twitter and any other social media site went a step uza violafurther to begin to name other more….physically qualified to play the role of Simone. Viola Davis was the name I saw most frequent and I agree with that choice for physical reasons. And I believe she could even pull this part off. Also mentioned was Uzo Aduba! AND WHEN I SAY I SEE HER ALL IN NINA OK!!!!

Now here’s where I weight in. WHO ARE ME TO JUDGE! Physically, NO ZOE AINT GOT NO DAMN REASON PLAYING NINA DAMN SIMONE! That goes without a question. But if I’ve learned nothing about these biopic and Lil Mama taught me this lesson! Just when we thought Lil Mama was gonna dig Lisa up out that grave and smack her down, she KILLED that role! So this is what I think we should do, let’s give Zoe a chance. We know she can act so that’s nota problem and I understand the frustration of, “why couldn’t we hire one of these chocolate goddesses above” WELL MAYBE THEY WAS BUSY SHIT!

Imma give you the benefit right now Zoe cause I still love how you slayed my life in Crossroads and Columbiana. Please don’t have me eating my words later!



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