Sherri….Sherri Shepard gotta pay UP!

You know what, I’ve been wanting to do a blog post about this foolishness for sometime now. As i sit here watching “New York Goes to Work” episodes on YouTube, I got an update that Sherri now gotta pay up these coins to her ex-husband Lamar Sally…and if you ask me this man saw her coming!

So lemme give ya’ll some back story. So Sherri Married this creepy man back in 2011 and everything seemed like a real Mary J Blige love. So at some point, they decided they was going to have a baby via surrogate. Now Sherri apparently wasn’t here for this idea so what they did was used the creeps sperm, and the surrogate eggs so in my mind, he had sex with the surrogate!

Anywho so fast forward, baby boy is here and Sherri wants no part. She is checked out the not only the relationship but this baby drama too! So in May 2014 the Creep filed for separation and only 2 months later he files for full custody of the tiny tot for christ! Now if that wasn’t a sign that this clown was gone be on some shit I don’t know what is!

So basically lemme cut the politically correct shit here ok! Sherri is stuck paying child support for a child that has NOT A STRAND OF HER DNA all because she was married to the son of a bitch! THIS MAN IS AN OPPORTUNIST IF I EVER SEEN ONE OK! Like I said, he saw her ass coming! So lets get down to the money! Until the child is 13, Sherri is ordered to pay 4,100 to the Creep and then when he turns 13 it’ll increase to 4,600$

I really feel bad for cousin Sherri. If she wanted to cut ties with that POS she should be able to and if he was any kind of man, he would take care of the child he wanted with that tall, skinny, black (thats the only description of the surrogate we have but if we find her we’ll let you know) WOMAN! Sherri we here at The Library are on your side! Whose side are you guys on? Leave us a comment below!



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