So we’ve been watching this story between Kesha and Dr.Luke play out for quite some time now and it’s really sad that this situation has come to this. Recently someone released exactly how controlling and demanding the contract she is stuck in with Dr.Creepasarus! Check it out below!

Kesha contract

Now aint this some shit! She can’t even post a damn video on YouTube! NOW THATS SOME BULLSHIT! You know what, I don’t like the fact that this is a regular practice in the music industry. So the fact that the person who wrote this article made it seem like this is just a legit practice in the music industry. And the only reason why I have something to say about it now is because it’s come to the for front with Kesha being the victim. I don’t like it but I tell you what, I’m ready to go down to the where ever they are and beat his ass over my Glitter Queen!

I want for Kesha to hire a bomb ass lawyer like that one that’s always working with the women of Hollywood to fight this case! If noboby can get her out of this sticky situation, she can! When I find out her name, Imma send her a tweet and she is she can take the case for us cause I want Kesha FREE!!!


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