Rainbow Trout Elton John is not here for Janet Jackson Tour!

Ok so I was wondering who was going live on Auntie Janet yesterday. Now I can’t name an Elton John song to save my life but I’m sure one of you can tell me one and I’ll be like, “OHHHHHH, he sings that song!” So I haven’t heard much from Mr. John since that Grammys performance he took part in with Motha Gaga singing my song “Speechless” because in like 2010. But he’s making news again recently by throwing shade….well shit he just blantly READ the dog fuck out of Janet Jackson!

Now imma just give it to yall exactly how he said and I mean copy and paste! Normally I would you know sum it like I do but this shit is so good, you gotta read it STRAIGHT! Here’s what rainbow fish had to say to the Rolling Stones Magazine about Janet’s comeback tour!

“You know, f–king music magazines writing a review of Janet Jackson saying, ‘This is the greatest show — four and a half stars.It’s f–king lip-synced! Hello! That’s not a show! I’d rather go and see a drag queen. F–k off.”

BURN RIGHT!!!! Now here’s the tea. There are some artist that I go to see a show. I mean like vocals, boom kacks, theatrics and LIFE! Beyoncé and Lady Gaga; and I’ve only ever seen Gaga and she sang, danced and gave me life THOROUGHLY all the way through the show. The Monster Ball to be exact.

If I ever go see Janet, I really don’t care to here her give legendary vocals. I go to see how love goes, the pleasure principle and to find out if I was yo girl. And them numbers include some gyrating and hip shaking. I will never say Janet Jackson snatched my wig with them vocals darling cause quite frankly and no shade intended but Janet ain’t now, nor has she ever been a legendary vocalist! But she can put on a damn good show I know that! Kinda like Jennifer Lopez same dynamics.

So Elton John honey, go take a huge seat. Your standards of a performance is sitting behind a piano and singing. If you was up doing Shaun T choreography and eight counts you would wanna lip sync a few numbers too while you catch your breath! You can’t judge off something you don’t do. Now I don’t know what you did back in your hay days but I ain’t seen nothing of that sort so take several seats sit, at your piano and sing your little songs honey!


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