Kardashians Breaking the Kode!!!

Now you listen to me damn it! I know ya’ll still a little lemon peel about Rob and his situation with Blac Chyna but this is just dead the fuck ass wrong. Now normally the baby younger Kardashians *Kylie and Kendall* aren’t in shit. Not as much as those older ones but when Kylie little messy ass posted this shit, I could’ve found her and dragged her by her teal ponytail! LOOK AT THIS SHIT!

KKA.jpgYOU SEE THIS SHIT! That’s Kourtney, Kylie and Rob’s ex-girlfriend who he allegedly cheated on/ex-Cheetah Girl/ex member of 3LW and current 1/4 host of talk show The Real….(shit she had a rough past) Adrienne Baillon! Now here’s my thing. Be friends with who you wanna be friends with, and I understand that in your current situation, YO BROTHER was the low down dirty shame so you really don’t have beef with Adrienne, it just looks messy honey!

ESPECIALLY off the hills of the new romance he has with Blac Chyna and now all of a sudden you taking pictures and shit talking about, “cause we are sistaaaassss!” That was the caption of the photo and neither here nor there! I’m offended for Rob and I’m sure Chyna will have something to say within 48 hours of this picture going up on a Sunday!

Ya’ll gone have his ass back in hiding if you keep this bullshit up! What you guys think? Could you be friends with a siblings ex? Leave a comment below!


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