Coldplay ft. Beyonce “Hymm for the Weekend” VIDEO/SONG REVIEW

Now here’s the thing. I couldn’t name a Coldplay song to save my life, but I guarentee if you play one i might know ir just don’t know it’s them. But when the NFL people announced that Beyonce was gonna be performing with Coldplay at the Superbowl this year, I was like, WHAT THE HELL IS THEY GONE SING KUMABAYA?! Everybody knows that song so maybe thats what they gone do. And then this shit happened!

Now I saw post and things ALL OVER IG and I was like WHERE IS BEYONCE LOOKING ALL ETHNIC AND CUTE!? Come to find out they were still images from this new song “Hymm for the weekend” which features her. So after running my errands today, taking a bath, painting my nails, putting my dinner in the oven I had time to watch it.

THEM MELODIES AT THE BEGINNING ARE EVERYTHING. I actually like the song and the video is cute too. I love a good song with melody and vocals LIFE. But I got a problem….Why do it seem like Beyonce is singing Doo-Wap yet she is the face of this video? I didn’t see no still images of Coldplay and it leads me to believe that they are using her name for the success of this single. And you know the BeeHive, ITS WORKING! The video views are through the roof!

I hope this performance at the Superbowl gives me life! Cause I tell you what, they can take this and make this a momentous event! I’ll be there for the show! You can check out the video below and let us know what you think about it!


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