GIIIIIIIIRRLRRRRRRRLLLLLLL GET IN HERE!!!! This tea is on FIRE and its only gonna get warmer. Just sit down and listen while we sip this starbucks!

So after this entire situations with Blac Chyna and Rob the last thing the Kardashians need is another messy ass scandal and they just got it fucking with Muva Amber Rose! So here’s the story!

Last night Wiz Khalifa was tweeting about getting high as usual. And apparently the new term for “weed” is “KK”. So he was tweeting about smoking some KK right, so Auntie Kanye saw the tweet and assumed that he was referring to his wife Kim Kardashian! Lord why did he do that!

So when Kanye caught wind to the tweet she went banana nut muffin on Wiz for basically no reason! Get into these few tweets that I picked out these are the worst of them! 12599329_1563185094003146_1269463801_nSo all of these mind you there was a bunch more! He went like on a rant of 1-15 things he feels about Wiz Khalifa and his baby muva Amber Rose. Now here’s the tea, Kanye girl this was a battle between two men. Why did you feel the need to drag Amber and their child into a fabricated situation that YOU made up in your head!? And you dragged THE WRONG BISH into it because it’s no secret Amber Rose aint got a fuck to give to the homeless let alone the wealthy!

Here’s what she sent back in response to the shade Kanye decided to throw! 12552423_895760587204214_1844402281_nBITCH TAKE THAT AND REWIND IT BACK! MUVA GOT THE BEAT THAT MAKE YO BOOTY GO *CLAP* Now lemme say this. This aint the first time Amber done alleged to be playing in Kanye’s booty! So I’m starting to believe it’s true. Now Kanye if thats what you like then that’s what you like WHO ARE ME TO JUDGE! But this is the WRONG bitch to fuck wit! Apparently Kanye deleted his tweets after Muva began the official clap back.

Now here’s my final thoughts. Kanye honey you can’t even because first of all this was the women you were in love with, writing songs about, kissing bald heads and shit but now she’s been deduced to a stripper. And then to go as far as disrespecting her child, if I was she i’d be pulling up and getting ready to whoop a trick! KIM PLEASE STAY OUT OF THIS! Even though I know Kris would love nothing more than for you to say something stupid online.

And sis, Is this a publicity stunt for your new album girl? Cause the way you hyping  this album up, “the greatest album of all time” i guarantee it aint that damn good. Quite frankly ya music aint been tat good since college dropout. But thats just my opinion. So sis have several seats. Im team WizBer on this on.

What ya’ll think leave us a comment below with #TeamYe or #TeamWizber!

I love you for reading!



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