Human Morality….

Ok that title sounds really profound for what we normally do here but I promise humor me for a second. So It’s been a while and I had to come because I didn’t wanna end up in Twitter jail for tweeting all these random thought and I didn’t wanna blow up somebody’s Facebook Feed so I said, I’ll just do a blog post.

So Thursday night somebody broke into my car as it was parked while I was at the Durand Bernarr concert here in Cleveland. If you want the details of it all check out the video we did cause I’m not discussing it with words cause thats not what this post is about.

So since the person who vandalized my car stole the ignition out of it, It’s going to the shop tomorrow to get fixed and I had to clean it out today. You know get my stuff out of it and things of that nature. But as I was getting my stuff, I just had a realization about humanity. WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF PERSON DOES THIS!? Like what kinda person not only vandalized a vehicle that clearly doesn’t belong to you with the intentions of stealing it. Like i just sat in my car for a second and thought, where is the morals and integrity of society?!

I’ve never stolen ANYTHING in my life. Probably because I don’t have the conscience to do so. But the fact that someone can even without thought make someones life that much more difficult is astonishing to me. I work hard for my shit and for someone to come and make me now have to work a little harder because of their lack of morality and self discipline pisses me the dogg fuck off!

After this post imma be done talking about it but I just need to say this to make myself feel a little better. I could never make myself be someone else’s burden. There’s too much bullshit and hate in the world and I believe in Capital HIM so i don’t deal well with the devils work but I was so bothered as I was cleaning glass off my backseat that I didn’t break, picking up the Beyonce cd that I didn’t throw on the ground and trying to reorganize my truck that someone else decided to fuck up!

Humanity has got to do better for itself. This is the first time this has happened to me so I felt compelled to address it because I’ll admit I was a little shaken when I first discovered that someone had broken into my car. You know how you don’t think certain things will happen to you, well yea….so much for that. But anyway I just wanted to let ya’ll know I love ya’ll and spread some positivity and love into this dark realm that we call the world.


I love you for reading!!!





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