Now normally I wouldn’t sit here and laugh at someones misfortune but in this case, I’m willing to make an exception. SOMEBODY CALL AARON CARTER CAUSE NICK DONE GOT HIS ASS KICKED! So here’s what happened.

Nick Carter was down to a Florida bar last night and apparently he had a little bit too much (oh oh whoa) Allegedly cause he aint about to sue me! So he was being that typical drunken slob kabob and apparently this club was not having that shit!

So the staff down to the bar decided look you and your homeboy are already tore up from the floor up and we aint serving yall nothing else! Which from what I’ve experienced is their right to do. So you know drunk people when you tell them no! These fools started fighting people and Nick’s dumb ass tried to choke out the bouncer! Here’s a pictures of the results from our good friends at TMZ!


Nick, you better lay off these drinks! What you need to be doing is trying to get back on Dancing With The Stars the All Star cast! Cause you was good on that show! I really thought that he was gonna win the season cause he slayed my life, but apparently he was probably drunk through most of that too…>_> Anywho good luck Nick hopefully you don’t get slapped with too much of a fine.

Sidenote…didn’t you always think it would be AJ falling out the club drunk or high! No shade cause we love the bad boy of the group but just saying.


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