JOSELINE GIRL!!! DON’T DO IT!!! Girl she done did it! Our Puerto Rican Princess done went Bernadine on Stevie J shit! Or should I say a little Lisa Left Eye Lopez too without the fire! The Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta couple have a show starting soon so apart of me is saying that this is just another Mona Scott cook up but this video of the damage says a little otherwise.

Now here’s the story and then I’ll let yall watch the video. Allegedly Stevie has been working with our Auntie Faith Evans on a comeback album, you know Diddy is trying to revive Bad Boy after he stole all their money….but you didn’t hear that from me. Anyway Stevie was responsible for some of Bad Boy earlier hits and was brought back on board for the revive-age of the label (that was just some background for yall)

So you know Joseline is very territorial and dare I say jealous and she will be the first one to tell Steebie, “YOU NOT GONE BE WERKIN WIT NO ODA BISHES BUT ME STEEBIE!” But I guess when Stevie decided this is FAITH EVANS…He took the trip to LA! When he came back….this is what he found!


And courtesy of our friends at TMZ, here is a list of some of the damaged items.

– vintage $10k Bad Boy jacket, that was a gift from Diddy
– $40k worth of clothes
– $15k worth of Versace china
– at least 20 pairs of kicks

I saw the Versace China and I knew this was some serious shit! So they caught up with Stevie to ask him what the hell is really going on and here’s what he had to say…


Joseline….I’m not even giving you no advice cause I know you crazy as hell so imma just go with this. I hope Stevie a better man than me cause I’d be draggin yo ass down to the court and taking you for fucking up my shit! But that’s just me. We can still be married but you gone run me my money! But as stated at the beginning of this post, you know this could be a Mona-Scott cook up.


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