Future is still selling albums off Ciara’s name!

This is getting really old and I don’t know how many times I have told ya’ll that Future (Ciara’s baby father and apparently rapper) is dragging her name down to Twitter again!

Now the last time he did this it was his album that was coming out so he decided to all of a sudden attack Ciara and her new bae Russell Wilson (who I love together) because he didn’t like Ciara having their child around Russell. Typical jealous baby daddy behavior.

So this time Future is claiming that Ciara won’t allow him to see baby Future and that he pays 15k in child support. He also claims that she is a “controlling bitch”! I’ll post the tweets so ya’ll can see these are his words, not mine!


Now here’s the thing. Allegedly what set him off was during Christmas, Future planned to have all his kids and probably all his baby mamas under one roof for a fabulous Christmas dinner. At first Ciara agreed and then last minute pulled out (no pun intended). So I guess he decided a whole week in a half after to finally pop off!

Ciara’s people are calling his bluff on a few things though. They said BOY BYE to the claim that he has now or EVER paid 15K in child support. And they are also saying what we all already know. Future stirs up shit immediately after he releases some music (if that’s what you wanna call it).

So the issue at hand is this. If Ciara keeping baby Future from his father, or is he just making all this shit up! If you ask me he is probably making all this up because if you were THAT pressed to see your child, you would just go down to the court house and ask for some kind of custody. But instead, I see you child more with Russell Wilson than with you!

Leave us a comment and let us know how you feeling about this situation.


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